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La Doña EAR CLIPcing

La Doña EAR CLIPcing

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This unique statement piece of jewelry inspired by Frida Sofia's Godmother, the legendary actress Maria Felix, Frida's Godmother's "La Doña" CLIPcing is a one-of-a-kind piece.

Crafted from 18k gold, it features a snake design that has been intricately carved and enhanced with sparkling cubic zirconia for an eye-catching effect. The exquisite design captures the essence of Maria Felix and makes for an unforgettable addition to any jewelry collection.Maria Felix, the Mexican movie star and femme fatale, had a great appreciation for luxury and fine jewelry. Cartier's exclusive collection featuring wild life animals such as jaguars and snakes encapsulated the fearless yet elegant style of Maria Felix, which I like to call 'brutal elegance'.

The collection was filled with bold pieces such as bracelets made in yellow gold with diamonds encrusted in the shape of a jaguar's head and rings depicting rattlesnakes with and emerald and/or ruby eyes. One of her most famous pieces was a necklace made in white gold encrusted with an emerald-eyed jaguar pendant. It seemed that Maria Felix found solace in these jewels, with her own personality being matched perfectly by Cartier’s exquisite designs.

P.S. Maria says "you're welcome>>>" 

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